Talking Heads at CBGBs December, 1975: “Psycho Killer” (Uh – uh – uh – uh – uh.)

On November 8, 2011 by Will Hermes

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I write about this performance from December, 1975. (YouTube, which barely existed when I began the project, was an incredible resource.) The Heads had played their first show at CBGBs in June.

“Psycho Killer,” their early signature, is fully formed here. Byrne had debuted it with his previous band, The Autistics, at a Valentine’s Day party last year, up at RISD college in Rhode Island.

The lyrics would evolve a bit, though. “Listen to me now, I’ve passed the test/I think I’m cute, I think I’m the best.”

The affect is remarkable, no?

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