Television on Television (Rehearsals at Terry Ork’s loft, 1974)

On November 21, 2011 by Will Hermes

Two very raw, very rare clips of one of rock’s greatest bands, assembling songs at the apartment of manager Terry Ork, who worked with Tom Verlaine and Richard Hell at the book store Cinemabilia.

Richard Lloyd had just signed on, and they’re still getting their act together, evidently. But Verlaine’s guitar tone is fully formed. So is Hell’s cool-as-shit persona. The first song, as he puts it, “expresses man’s desire to orally know … a photon.”

A pretty good description of all their songs. Musically, anyhow.

Or, as the late Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records said after auditioning the band for a possible deal: “This is not earth music.”

Tom Verlaine smiles a lot in the second clip – that’s pretty rare in and of itself.

Television at CBGBs was the first time I ever saw a band perform in a bar, as opposed to a big theater or an arena. By that point, a year or two after this was shot, they were as great as any “famous” band I’d ever seen. It blew my mind.

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  • Joe Finnegan

    I was there a year or two later. The truth cannot be denied. Keep standing up for it, in the face of the revisionists who weren’t there. I’ll back you up. – Joe

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