New York City Punk + New Wave Family Tree

Couldn’t resist posting this: Pete Frame’s amazing family tree for the Patti Smith Group, Blondie, Talking Heads, Television, The Ramones, and The Heartbreakers, with links to The NY Dolls and The Modern Lovers for good measure.

Too bad he couldn’t fit in Arthur Russell, who led a band with The Modern Lovers’ Ernie Brooks and played cello on “Psycho Killer.” He was one of the era’s great musical polyglots.

Lost television recordings

You may recall the video links I posted a while back of the band Television rehearsing in 1974.

Well, the good folks at Doom & Gloom From The Tomb (yes, that’s a Richard Thompson reference) have been posting more crucial documents of the era. The first was titled Kingdom Come: The Lost Television Album. It’s a compilation of songs captured between ’74 – ’78 that never made it onto the band’s two Elektra releases.

Last week, they posted Television: A Season In Hell – a set of recordings made when the band still featured punk conceptualist Richard Hell on bass. Download both while you can: they are the best-sounding and best-annotated sources I’ve found for this stuff. Thanks D&GFTT!

Below: a flier for the very first Television gig, which in fact did not take place at CBGBs, but at the Townhouse Theater in Times Square, an old movie theater that the Modern Lovers had rented out for a show around the same time, as I mention in Love Goes To Buildings On Fire.