Thurston Moore’s New Band

On January 23, 2013 by Will Hermes

No, it’s not free jazz guitar jizz, much as we we dig that. And it’s not Sonic Youth.

Chelsea Light Moving is Thurston Moore’s new rock band. As you might recall from reading LGTBOF, it’s named after the moving company started by composers Steve Reich and Philip Glass in the ’70s to earn cash while they were refining their minimalist epics. It doesn’t sound much like the music of either man. It does sound a little bit like Wild Flag, a bit like The Velvet Underground, a bit like Krallice, and a lot bit like the Youth. (Yep, that’s good.)

I’ve been listening to an advance of the new LP, which is out March 5, and I can assure you it’s some shweet rokk noize. And between the band name and some of the song titles—“Burroughs,” “Frank O’Hara Hit”—it’s also a bit obsessed with NYC art-cult history. Here’s the lineup:

Thurston Moore (gtr/vocals/songwriter)
Keith Wood (gtr)
Samara Lubelski (bass)
John Moloney (drums)

Listen to “Empires Of Time” here. And more tracks here.

UPDATE: Randomly enough, I ran into Thurston & Samara in Northampton MA yesterday afternoon (in Feeding Tube Records – where else?), and Thurston told me that he got the band name from Love Goes To Buildings On Fire, which he enjoyed. Whoa: color me three shades of flattered. At the moment, the entire CLM album is streaming on NPR.

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