The Fania All Stars Play Central Park

On June 13, 2014 by Will Hermes

FANIA All Stars at Yankee Stadium, 1973.

Today’s New York Times has a piece about the legacy of Fania Records, on the occasion of the label’s 50th anniversary.

It notes that the current edition of the Fania All-Stars will be playing their first concert in New York City in ages, a free show in Central Park on August 24. That happens to be 41 years — to the day — after the historic Yankee Stadium concert (see above) that I wrote about in Love Goes To Buildings On Fire.

Will I be there? Hell yes.

UPDATE: The show never happened, sadly. Why? Seems that some of the musicians are still too mad at Fania Records for short-changing them to want to celebrate the label. What goes around comes around, I guess.

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